In-Home Boarding

We are not a kennel in the traditional sense, however I feel there is a need for a

different kind of boarding, it's what I would want for my dogs.

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Looking for a suitable place to board or kennel your dog is an ordeal that just about every dog owner has to face at one time or another. Today, pet owners have choices ranging from traditional kennels to smaller In-home Boarding. Being separated  is stressful for both owner and dog, but knowing that he is comfortable, that he has one on one companionship and care that is sensitive to his needs is essential to having peace of mind.
 You know your dog better than anybody. You are his voice. Working together,
we can create the ideal situation for your dog
Seniors and Dogs with Special Needs

Your dog saw your suitcase, fainted and now
 you feel like you're abandoning him

Leaving a dog with special needs due to age, health problems or even behavioral issues as common as separation anxiety can be horribly stressful.

We are not a kennel, he will not be in a cage We are real, warm, welcoming and compassionate. We are his temporary family until his real family returns.
e don't bother with fluff or things he doesn't need. Our aim is to provide a warm, comforting environment where he feels safe and accepted. We want to offer a few words of reassurance by sharing some of the insights and observations gleaned over years of experience.

What does he need to feel secure?
  • Time to adjust at his own pace and in his own way.
  • His own space.
  • To be included and welcomed
  • Wholesome food, fresh water and plenty of exercise

Fifteen year old Tule, a chocolate Labrador belonging to Mary Anne, napping on the front door step.

In her younger years, Tule was a fabulous duck hunting dog. Nowadays she's content to lie on her bed and enjoy the fresh air and the warmth of the early spring sun.

Resident dogs Sabrina and Varco sunbathing
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