Home Visits

Home Visits are Great for Cats, Puppies and Seniors That Would Benefit From a Midday Potty Break
Home visits are an excellent choice for cat owners. Cats are territorial by nature and are extremely stressed when removed from their home. Stress is the worst thing for your cat's health. For this reason Suzi's Personal Pet Care does not board cats but will happily make house visits. We can also care for other small animals such as rabbits and hamsters.

Puppies are adorable but like all babies cannot be left home alone for long periods of time posing a challenge to puppy owners with a long work day. We offer drop in visits spaced 4 hours apart to provide your pup with the social interaction, play, food, water, potty training and clean up he needs until your return.

How many visits do I need?
What do they cover?

How long does each
visit last?

- Cats do well with one visit a day

- Dogs require a minimum of two visits if you're out of town. Puppies need to be checked in on about every four hours.

- Visits cover all the essentials, fresh water, food, cleaning the litter and administering any necessary medications plus time for pets, play conversation and catnip. (cats only)
-Each visit lasts for approximately 30 minutes
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